Thanks to Emily and Kate

Its been a while since my last post, and my sister Emily and my friend Kate weren't afraid to tell me to get my act together and put up something new. I'm pretty sure they were tired of looking at my burnt lips, and who can blame them? Its not a good look.

I've fallen in love with hibiscus tea (also known as flor de jamaica). It is tart, refreshing, good for you, and so so pretty in a glass. Go buy some of the dried blossoms, put a handful in a pitcher of cold water, and in an hour or so you'll have a delicious beverage to sip away the heat of the day. Just don't forget to strain the blossoms out first.


Dan Finnegan said...

Don't you mean 'infusion' rather than 'tea'? Tea, as all foodies should know, is a particular plant. Everything else we call 'tea' is just a bunch of twigs and sticks soaked in hot water! Granted some are tasty... (ask Emily about my tea snobbery!)

Kara said...

I LOVE my hibiscus tea, or infusion or whatever you call it! I'm hoarding the last bit I have until I find more or someone else goes to Mexico and brings me back some.

Unknown said...

Love your lips, babe, but this feels like an improvement! Welcome back, I've missed you.

Kate T.W. said...

As an herbalist, I can say that tea now (and I think the O.E.D. would back me up on this one) means plant material soaked in water. Infusion usually means plant material soaked for a particularly long time in water. But I'll bet the foodie and herbal community's definitions differ.

There are lots of places to buy high quality hibiscus online Kara. I think the genie in the computer will assume I'm spam if I put a website in this comment... so try Jeans Greens dot com. Or if you are in NYC Flower Power Herbs and Roots on East 9th St.

The Mexican girls who buy their hibiscus in NYC at Flower Power say that drinking it makes the boys want to kiss them more. Its a heart tonic and an aphrodisiac!